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European Social Innovation Alliance

Duration:  May 2021 – May 2023
Shipyard team: Zofia Komorowska, Kuba Wygnański, Helena Bremer
Project website:

European Social Innovation Alliance is a project implemented in Poland, Germany, the UK, Denmark and Estonia by an international and cross-sector partnership. A centre of competence for social innovation has been set up in each country to support, among other things, scaling up and replicating national innovations in other countries involved in the project. At the Shipyard, we have called this project PORT, as we send here the best and most universal Polish social innovations out into the world. In addition, through PORT, interesting, inspiring, practical innovations selected by our partners will be introduced to Poland.

PORT complements the offer of the Social Innovation Catalyst (intended for supporting social innovation incubators) with advocacy activities at regional and European levels, by raising skills of selected stakeholders and supporting marketing and communication activities aimed at strengthening the public awareness of the social innovation sector.

PORT focuses on Polish social innovators and other person involved in social innovation by offering, e.g.:

  • workshops on social innovations for policy-makers and various groups of stakeholders;
  • providing training, advice and comprehensive support in scaling up and financing the innovation after the incubation period;
  • providing training for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) departments on integrating social innovation into corporate CSR strategies and supporting selected organisations and institutions in developing social innovation strategies;
  • creating ‘pop-up incubators’ where, in cooperation with local self-governments, we will help develop social innovations to address immediate needs;
  • establishing an international network of 500+ social innovators and promoting best practices in Poland and abroad;
  • setting up a web service to look for social innovators working in similar fields;
  • providing international trainings, study visits, webinars to promote the exchange of experiences between social innovators from participating countries;

Anyone who can benefit from improving competences in implementing, scaling up and replicating social innovations is welcomed to participate in the project free of charge. Get more details on a new page by opening a new tab.

PORT is part of the project called European Social Innovation Alliance, co-financed by the European Commission through the European Social Fund and European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation.

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